Plastic scratching sound and friction from Dobot Magician joint1


Our Dobot makes plastic grinding sound when moving within from -45 degrees to +45 degrees.
The friction is bad enough to make it inacurate.
It is not from the cables, it seems to come from front side under the arm.
Also the plane of joint1 is not firmly horizontal, but can be tilted opening a gap on the back - see pictures.
That affects the grinding.
It can not be tilted from the top.
It feels as if the motor for joint1 is not reliably attached and can be tilted within the base.
What can we do?
We are comfortable with both mechanical and electronic operations.

Thank you!


I have the same problem. I’m not sure if I can open the base, to find the problem. Does any one have experience with opening the Dobot?


We will most definitely be doing it, even if it means we break it.

We’ll most likely end up making a video of the experience and share some of the thoughts and experiences for the platform.

The Studio is done better than I expected, but the lack of support - including community and essential lack of spare parts such as replacement suction cups or steppers - is the most discouraging thing about the platform.

Will update here once we have news…problem is…we got it to actually employ it to do work…and as it is we can actually make it work, just operating in the narrow range where it isn’t getting obstructed.

But this isn’t right and if it is happening to us it will happen to others like you too.

There are two videos available showing how to take out the main board from the base and then how to remove the base’s top cover; those are good starting points.

And we’ll go forward if we don’t hear from anyone.

It’s a nice gizmo and it may help us automate a particular process we’re trying to automate, but as everyone knows choosing a tool without support is like choosing a spouse without past…you know it’ll hit you one day :slight_smile:


The dobot team does not recommend that customers disassemble the equipment themselves. If you receive the product, there will be problems like you describe. I think it is a product quality problem, which may be caused by express delivery. Please contact the support team via the dobot email address I believe that their after-sales service is very good and will solve the problem for you.