Pause and Resume Function in Lua Language


I found Pause Function in lua scripting but i am not able to find the resume function.
Please help.


does resuming from the button work?


Yes, it does but I want to call it via Lua script and not by using the Sc Studio Program. As I am planning to hand it over to the operator with out and screen given to him.

I have used Pause () function to stop in Lua, but I am unable to use Resume As i am unable to find the RESUME function. Please do help.


Yes, you need to continue running the program manually or use the button in remote mode to restore


Thanks for your reply, plz explain who tp use the button in remote mode to restore the operation. Actually we are interlocking a door switch, when the door switch is sensed the arm stop stop considering it as collision and should resume only when the door is sensed as closed.