Opening the Dobot Magician base


Hi, it looks like in my dobot magician has some problem with one of the thick internal cables. It can rotate to clockwise direction freely but in counter clockwise direction this cable sounds like it is trapped somewhere and there is a lot of friction.

I want to open the base and solve this problem. Any ideas?


I have the exact same problem.
Some help would be appreciated!


I found a video and was able to open the base


Did you solve the problem ?


No, but it improved a bit. The problem is that the base is too tight for whatever is inside but I don’t know how to open it.


Hi , I send you a repair manual . It will teach you how to open the base .


Dear Echo, can you please send me the repair manual as well? I applied lithium grease to the rubber-insulated cables from the top to try to remove some of the binding. It helps, but could still be improved. Would love to be able to open the top of the robot base without damaging it. Thanks!


Hello , please give me your email . I will send you the repair manual .


Echo, I’ve sent you a message containing my address. Thank you!


I have also had this problem for a while. Now I just try not to use the area where the cables inside the base don’t chafe so much.
But I would like to use to whole available area.

Could you please email the repair manual to ?

thank you


Does anyone still have a copy of the repair manual? I would like to look at it.


I have some problem with my Dobot magician.

Could you please email the repair manual to ?

thank you


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