Nothing is displayed with the Print command


Why is nothing displayed in the Running Log when I use the Print command in Blockly of DobotStudio2020?
The version of DobotStudio2020 is 1.6.0-stable.202112151107.
The firmware version of MG400 is



Hi Fukuda00, this is a known bug, and we will fix it in the future versions, please be noted.


Thank you for your answer.
If you know when the next version upgrade will be, please let me know.


Hi Fukuda00, just got reply from our team, and this might be caused by the firewall setting on your computer. Please try to change the setting there and try again. Please let us know the result


My problem has been solved.
When I changed the subnet mask from to, it is now displayed in Print.
Thank you for your support.


I have disabled the firewall, but print(" ") does not work


Which syntax is correct? The presentation reads as follows:

In snippets like this:


The virtual controller cannot print


Thanks. And which syntax is correct ("") or (")?


The “MG400 core function training” you are reading, is that something that is available?
I’m fresh at the MG400 and would like to learn some parts to speed up the usage/coding instead of learning everything by trial and error.


I concluded for myself that it is necessary to study Lua. If you know Lua, then Dobot can be mastered in 2a days.


Thank you for your answer.
I will see if I can find some good courses in LUA.

Is there any way I can get that “MG400 Core Function Training(1).pptx” you have there in the printscreen?