Newbie, problem with Joint 4


Hey there,

I recently had a Magician shipped to me to work on a project. The unit was fairly new, but used, so I had to go online and download the Studio SW and driver for my Mac.

The first odd think was when I went to install the driver there were two options (Firmware v0.0.0 and v1.0.0). I chose the latter and ended up installing the Silicon Labs Driver.

After doing a bit of research online (not sure if that was the correct driver) it seemed that everybody else was using the CH34? driver, so I went back and installed that driver instead.

I know this is verbose, but I wanted to give background before sharing my problem.

I now have the unit set up and everything appears to be working, but I cannot manipulate joint 4 (either via R or J4). I can see the values increase in Studio, but nothing happens.

My first instinct was to assume the servo is bad, but I also noticed that my Com setup appears odd on the Studio Software. Instead of reading COM3 it reads “/dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART”.

So, I’m curious if anyone has an idea of what the issue might be:

  • Do I have a bad servo? or is this maybe a driver issue?



The value of the fourth joint is the rotation angle of the servo on the suction cup. Please make sure that the suction cup is properly connected (the suction cup is connected to the GP3 interface, which is the serial number 1 on the forearm. Do not connect the serial number 3 by mistake. Many people will make this mistake.
kind regards!


Thank you! That was the problem. I guess I just assumed GP3 went in Serial 3.