New to dobot and need information


Hi there, nice to see so many people enjoying dobot. Let me cut right to the chase. My father had a disability and ordered the dobot to aid him. Eventually he only used it maybe once. Now sadly two years ago he passed away. We are just now sorting out all his stuff and i am looking for someone in the netherlands (preferable near amsterdam) to help me sort out which attributes and things belong to the dobot. My mother has put all cables and what not together in boxes and i have no clue what belongs to the dobot and what not. Hope someone here can help me. Thanks in advance. Jeroen


Hi Jer!
Im sorry to hear about your father, we are not in the netherlands but would be happy to help out!



Oh thank you so much. I will take some pictures next week and post them. Maybe you could tell me which model it is and what i should look for. Thanks sgain.


Hi Jer,

Ik kom uit Eindhoven en werk heel veel met de dobot magician. Mocht het nodig zijn wil ik je graag helpen.


Hi jorg and harry, sorry for the delay but here are some pictures i took of the device. I have no idea what should be included so any tips on what i am missing to make the set complete would be great :).