New Mooz-3 lots of problems


For starters, I’m an extremely experienced 3D printer user (and developer). Here’s what’s going on: For starters, the controller powers up about 1 out of 4 times (touchpad comes up every time). I installed the latest firmware on both. Once it’s up, here’s what is not working: Wifi doesn’t recognize any connections, settings don’t save, a number of menu items lock up the printer and it has to be unplugged in order to get it back. When I try to use it on Windows direct-connected over USB, I hear the sound that there is a connection, but nothing appears in the device manager - Cura also will not recognize that the printer is attached. When I plug in a USB key or SD card with gcode files on it, it will not read the USB key or SD card. The printer does calibrate/level, but that’s about all I can do with it.


Could you please shoot a video that records the above problems in MOOZ-3?
This is convenient for the related personnel of DOBOT to observe the details, then give you the useful reply.


Hello Ryan: Sorry - I sent the printer back to the dealer…