Need help with Gripper


I’ve posted a few questions around the use of the gripper. Having tried using Blockly, mouse control, and Teaching & Playback control here’s what I’ve observed and areas I need help.

Teaching & Playback: I’ve been able to successfully manipulate the gripper, including open, close and disable on command in conjunction with other move actions so that works great!

Blockly: I can Open and disable the gripper using Blockly, but there doesn’t seem to be an “Open” function in the Blockly Motion function. It would be great if this was documented, and worked. Can someone please tell me how this works?

Mouse: I love the mouse control, but can’t figure out how to use it in a realistic situation. I have attempted to move the robot over an object and have the gripper pick it up and then move away. Moving is easy, but control over the gripper close and open functions seem to be difficult. For instance, how would I accomplish the following:

  • Move arm over an object
  • Open gripper
  • Lower arm to object
  • Grip object
  • Raise arm and move to another location.

I cannot seem to find any mouse click/move combination to make this sequence work.


The function of the mouse module is only to allow us to experience the range of motion of the mechanical arm without other operational meaning.Please choose the type of end effector in blockly.A simple demo of blockly, hope to help you.