Multi Dobot Magician C#



I have a 2 dobot magician. i need to control 2 dobot with only one computer at the same time.How can I do this with
C #?



You should copy dobotdll.dll as dobotdll1.dll in bin\debug or release directory of your project. You should also copy class dobotdll as dobotdll1 in the dobotdll.cs. Now you can send two different command to two different dobot like
int ret = DobotDll1.ConnectDobot(“COM10”, 115200, fwType, version);
ret = DobotDll.ConnectDobot(“COM9”, 115200, fwType, version);
it works without any problem. I tried.


Hi is it possible for you to show your code i am trying to program the dobot we are using outside dobot studio


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