Movement velocity


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I recently got a new M1 and did some quick checks. One thing that is not really clear to me: the specs say that e.g. the z-axis can move up 1 meter per second. When trying in Dobot Studio with a MOVJ movement along the z-axis (velocity and jerk at 100%), the movement appears to be quite slow (maybe 10 cm per second). So, I’m wondering whether I’m doing something wrong or how I can achieve a higher movement velocity?

Any hint will be appreciated :slight_smile:

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I wonder if you can shoot a video to explain the problems you have encountered.

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Thanks for replying: Our local reseller guided me into the right direction. I had to change a parameter for the collaboration mode in “Safe Settings” to “low” in the M1Studio.



I think I’m having a similar problem on the M1 Pro. Do you remember what the parameter was?

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It’s in the M1studio in menu “tools” and then “safe settings”.