Mooz2 just extrudes and does not print on the bed


Hi ,

we recently bought Dbot Mooz2. After connecting all parts and changing seeting on Cura according to the manual, we tried 3D printing. The extruder just extrudes from the top and does not print on the bed.

When I started for the first time all four oks did not appear on the screen and it does not seem to recognise micro sd card.

Please help me.


Mohammed Nassir


Hi Mohammed!

Welcome - I’m not a Dobot employee but will try to help.

Can you help us understand a little more what is happening?
First thing to check - the micro SD card has to be inserted “upside down” (gold contacts facing up). Did you do that?
What happens when you turn it on? If there’s any chance you could take a video or picture of what happens it might help us a lot.

Looking forward to getting you up and running!