Mooz User Manual & Firmware Updation


Hi, LabGecko. First of all, you must check the drive firmware fits your Mooz model(Mooz-1 and Mooz-2 is not a same drive firmware), then Format of the SD card or U disk must be FAT32, put the mainboard firmware in the root directly, insert the card or disk into the machine into the mainboard, power up and updating progress will be displayed on the touch pad.
If the above procesures don’t work for you, try rename MOOZ1V1.4.5 to MOOZ1V1.4.6 or MOOZ2V1.4.5.bin to MOOZ2V1.4.6.bin and try again.


Both the SDcard and USB drive support as implemented in mooz is based off the buggy keil arm-mdk implementation.

The SDCard in the TFT isn’t usable as a result either - normally it is on other stm32 based printers as it’s the main place for development firmware to load from. I don’t know what they did with it in the mooz but it ain’t right.

I get a 3/9 success rate when using a micro-sd. My successrate with USB sticks has been lower and I’ve stopped using them.

Coupled with the baddly implemented cheap ch340 serial interface they used (rather than use inbuilt stlink/stm32 serial - which makes 0 sense to me) and the old/hackedup marline gcode flavour they used makes getting stuff on or off the unit a chore.