Mooz M2:Laser power insufficient for 1200mm/min operation


Moozstuduio has updated to V1.2.6, I think the issue you mentioned has been solved.


The color of the laser shielding does not matter. It can have any color as long as it has a filter for the blue laser frequencies (wavelength) . Shields (filters) are supposed to be marked with the optical density for the wavelength in question but neither the shield nor the glasses have this. Could Dobot please confirm the OD for the blue laser wavelength on the shield and the glasses provided with the Mooz?


@arneme the colour we see in plexiglass is the wavelengths that are not blocked, so yes, colour does matter. If blue light was blocked we would not see it as blue, it would be red or green, possibly yellow (all depending how much blue or other colours was blocked). Before bringing this up I tested it with red, green and blue laser pointers.

For example, power the laser to 1% like you were focussing it, place the lid under the beam, but off the surface, how much of the laser is blocked? In a sense, this shield is worse than nothing because people think it works, where they would probably use the glasses if they did not have the shield in place. Note the glasses provided are a dark green (things appear green through them), and do block a decent amount of blue light.


I managed to get the Lazer hacked up to do Path’s by using a combination of Inkscape’s gcodetools and manually search and replacing the Z value with S252 (which is the lazer on command).

It looks like their grbl fork takes keyword comments at the start of the gcode file to set the controls for the session.

Ideally if we could have the Gcode commands documented we could properly control intensity etc.

Example output here:āmuPauling/posts/SwSJrgZTU8m