Mooz GBRL support


Could Mooz release info related to gbrl support? I tried using lgbrl ( to control Mooz directly through the USB port without luck. However, the gcode produced by lgrbl kind of worked if I loaded it to a flash drive and started it on the Mooz. Not every command seems to be understood by Mooz (but good enough to make it “work”). I did however have to copy and paste the gcode header (including comments!) from a gcode file produced by Mooz studio in order to correctly home the laser at start. Are you actually using comments in the gcode to control the Mooz behaviour when doing laser engraving?


Sorry, Mooz dosesn’t have GBRL support.


What type(s) of .gcode are used for CnC and Laser? Which programs other than Moozstudio are supported?


ArtCAM can be used to generate CNC gocodes, but it is a very hard to use software


Gcode generated by Carbide Create works fine with the Mooz CNC router. Carbide Create is easy to use but obviously has limited functionality (although quite impressive).


Which programs would you suggest for the Mooz laser in addition to Mooz studio (which at the moment have very limited functionality). What I at least would expect is the possibility to do vectorization in order to reduce the toolpath necessary to laser engrave. Raster laser engraving (as the only thing Mooz studio supports at the moment) is not good enough since it takes far to long to laser engrave even the smallest samples.


Can we just get the gcode commands and what they relate too used for the Lazer startup sequence so we can use inkscape+gcodetools / camotic / whatever we like please.

We just need each of the G commands and the property needed to set them. If this was provided as part of the Doc’s/On the FAQ this would be helpful rather than trial and error/reverse engineering.



I’m using inkscape and camotic for generating paths and manually replacing the Z command offset with the Lazer on command.

Best starting point will be to load a couple of simple test files in both the mooz supplied programme and grbl then diff the results and figure out the differences which count.


In our FB group, some backers have successfully used laserWEB to do vector engraving. We will upgrade Moozstudio to support vector images soon.


Hi Joel - I’m at this point myself - trying to reverse engineer the gcode generated by inkscape+gcodetools as compared to what MoozStudio creates.

It looks like they’re overloading the S parameter of the G1 codes to set the laser intensity - is that what you figured out as well? The two gcode files look quite different - like, for example, MoozStudio uses M106 S0, which seems to turn the fan off - but the ‘correct’ way to do that in Marlin is just M107, I thought.

Have you had any luck getting vector laser files done? I looked into LaserWEB but wasn’t sure what version to grab - should I use LaserWEB 3? Any leads you have on the current knowledge base we have on Mooz gcode would be helpful.

@sunger2012 - has there been an update since this thread? I just got the 1.5W laser and really want to do vector engraving - you really need to add vector support to Mooz Studio or provide some other way to do vector engraving. Did you already release something and I missed it?


Bump! I am enjoying the Dobot Mooz so far but these software inefficiencies are making it a very frustrating thing to own and hard to recommend.


To anyone wondering, Dobot has released a gcode specification sheet with the overloaded commands in the download center (English is on the second page).