Mooz 3 still useless (nozzle now won't heat)


After taking some time away from Mooz 3 to recover from my first damaged heatbed disaster I thought I would have another go this time with the new firmware. So I installed the latest motherboard firmware and the touchscreen firmware without issue.

Next I had another go at three point levelling but it will only do one point, moves to the second point and then seems to semi shutdown (fan off, no z movement, restart needed).

After reading that the three point levelling could be skipped and instead opted for a simple zero I was ready to do my first print.

I loaded a test cube gcode file onto the sd card reader (remembering to insert it upside down), turned on the heaters and waited for it to warm up. Then I started the print and amazingly it started printing! However this was short lived as it got about 1/3 of the way through and then decided to skip to 100% and stopped printing. The print was pretty bad as well…

On my second attempt with a different test file the print head decided to drive itself into the heated bed making a massive hole (for some reason over to the left).

Since then all further tests have failed as the nozzle now won’t heat up at all!

Does anyone know:

  1. Why I cannot 3 point level?

  2. Why the zero position is not remembered?

  3. Why the nozzle now won’t heat up?

My last experience with emailing support was a waste of time so I am rally hoping someone here can help instead please.


Sorry for my late reply. We don’t have human resource on this forum in last 2 months after upgraded. You can email to during business day or post on our group here: