Mooz 3 Non-Functioning Heated Bed


Hey All!

I recently was given a Mooz 3 as a gift. I’ve set it up and it wont print because the heated bed never gets to the required temperature, it never gets over room temp. I don’t really have any idea about 3D printers, this is my first dip into the world, so I was wondering if there’s any way I’ve done this in the set-up? Otherwise I’m not sure if I should replace the actual heated bed, I’ve also seen that things like this can be fixed by replacing the main control board.

As I said it’s a gift so I’m trying to hold off on returning it just yet.

Dobot support has, naturally, been 100% unresponsive so I thought I’d come here to see if anyone had any ideas to help a novice like myself.

Thanks so much!


Hi Dale, regarding the issue that your Mooz-3 printer failed to heat up, the following information will be helpful for you to troubleshoot the cause of the failure.
When you encounter the typical and common issue that the temperature of the 3D printing nozzle does not rise, the possible influencing factors are as follows: A. Thermistor short circuit B. Short circuit of heating rod C. The circuit board is broken
In order to explain the solution more clearly, a structural diagram of the hot end is attached.

For the influencing factor of thermistor short circuit:
First of all, make sure that the thermistor circuit is not loose, and check whether the wiring of heating rod is inserted tightly. Please reinsert it, and reheat it to see if it has any effect.
At the same time, check whether the thermistor is short-circuited. If there is an obvious phenomenon that the thermistor is damaged due to the short-circuit, then it needs to be replaced.

For the influencing factor of short circuit of heating rod:
If you have spare parts for heating rods in hands, please replace the damaged heating rods with spare parts.
If there is no replaceable heating rod in your hands, after confirming that the fault is caused by the heating rod, we will arrange to send you a new heating rod for replacement.

For the influencing factor of the circuit board is broken:
If replacing the heating rod does not solve the problem, it may be related to the damage of the circuit board.
In order to confirm that the problem lies in the damaged circuit board, you need to follow the steps below:
1.Confirm whether the thermistor of the heating rod is normal.
2.Confirm whether the heating rod is normal.

If the above two parts are normal, then the problem may lie in the mainboard or the control board.
But, it is difficult to determine which of the two boards is damaged now and I need more information to confirm it.
You can use the following method to verify that the problem lie in the damaged circuit boards.
Use a multimeter to measure the output voltage of the port where the control board is connected to the heating rod.
If there is no output voltage, there is a problem with the circuit boards. At this time, new circuit boards need to be replaced to solve the problem.


Hi Ryan!
Thanks for your reply. It’s actually the heated bed that’s not heating up, the nozzle is managing to heat up totally fine. I’ll take a look with a multimeter anyway but it seems the temperature sensor is working fine, it just isn’t heating up.


Can you shoot a video documenting the phenomenon? This helps to visualize the situation.


Here is a video for you

I can’t find a way to embed it in the post.

I’ve attempted to get it the best I can on video. I’ve sped up a section but hopefully you can see that the nozzle has a fine time heating up but the heated bed sits at 22 degrees, which is around room temperature. I can also send a video of it when actually trying to print, but it looks very similar.