Mooz-2 Stuck in the middle of the print



I purchased a Mooz-2 few weeks ago and I tried to bring benchy via a usb stick for the first time, the system stopped halfway through the print, so I retried with different USB stick and result is similar to the first one. Then I try a SD card + reader provider by the seller in Taobao, the machine only manage to finish the raft.

I would like to know what happen to the machine and how to fix this matter.


I too have a similar problem. I have been trying to print the models provided for mooz 2 by dobot…


Please ensure that the files are in the root directory, and the SD-card cannot exceed 32gb.


The file is in the root directory, as well as the USB stick I got is from kingston which someone in the CS suggested. I tried 3 different USB stick. still non of them work. I have had the mainboard changed, power suppler changed, heated bed changed, still stuck. Not sure what could be done differently. The file was checked for issue.

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