MOOZ 2 shuts down when nozzle and heated bed are on together


Hi there. I have a NEW mooz 2. After problems with Mac I bought a pc. Could finally format a proper sdcard and usbstick. Main board firmware is 1.2.6. (On Dobot site the last is 1.2.5 !). Put a gcode on usb, I even took the one from Dobot to build a filament guide (installed all needed drivers but usb connection to mooz still won’t work). Preheating the nozzle alone works fine. Preheating the heated bed alone works fine. As soon as both need to function together the mooz shuts down. I still wasn’t able to print anything. Frustration. Any help please.


You can try to heat only the nozzle, or you can print normally. The usbstick should not exceed 32gb. The mainboard fimware is now available in version 1.45,Try it out.