Mooz 2 restarts when I try to print a gcode file


Hi there

I have no issues printing the gcode sample files provided by Mooz. But when I import a stl file, export as a gcode file, the Mozz restarts when I try to print the file. I have set up Cura according to the manual, and the Mooz can read the file. It will strangely restart after a few seconds when the “Print” icon is pressed. Much appreciate your advice on what could be the issue.


Hello support, are you there?


What happens if you select the file but instead of pressing the print button, go to the main screen and starting it there?

Otherwise make sure the file is saved to sd /USB stick fully, as it can be quite slow, so if you pull the USB etc out too early you’ll have a gcode file that appears but won’t function.

If it’s attempting to print does it home the actuators (xyz axis) or does it restart as it’s heating up bed? I think some of the examples doesn’t use the heated bed so that could be the issue. Try checking connections etc, someone I believe had a simular issue and was cause by one of his cables being faulty so he swapped the head and bed cables.


Hi, I will try to print online via the laptop and see how it is.

Your other suggestions are not applicable as the Mooz restarts so no chance to do anything at all.
I can print the rest files provided by Mooz so I believe there is nothing wrong with the unit. The issue is with converting files using Cura.


For users - gave up on Cura and now happily using Slic3r instead.


What style of Gcode generation did you have set on Cura?