Mooz 2 Destroyed


I just set up my Mooz 2 today. I was careful to follow all instructions to every exacting detail.

I set the 0-point on my z-axis just as instructed, using a sheet of paper that could still slide (just barely) between the nozzle and the heat bed.

I entered all the settings into Cura 3.1 just as described.

I updated my firmware.

I tried printing my first object. I could hear some grinding noises coming from the print head arm as the head was moving around. It sounded like gear grinding noises, but I wasn’t sure if that was normal or not.

After a few minutes I couldn’t see the printer head coming up at all, so I decided to abort.

When I toggled the z-axis to move up, I noticed a huge hole bore into the head bed and flakes of metal and plastic all around it. It tore through the pad, the heat elements and everything else below.

I triple-checked everything (something I do in my profession) to ensure all cables were connected correctly and all settings we set correctly, prior to use.

I know 100% for certain, that this was not a user error. I am hoping that Dobot will be will to fix this issue as it has something to do with their equipment and settings. I sent an e-mail to customer support hoping they can help me out with this.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, what did you do to resolve this?


Is the Dobot Mooz 2 no longer being supported? There has been no response to my e-mail or this posting from over 1 week ago. The heatpads and the nozzles replacement parts are no longer available to buy from the Dobot Mooz website / online store. Please help me.