Mooz 2 CNC cutter with Fusion 360


Has anyone used Fusion 360 with Mooz 2 CNC cutter. If so what setting did you use for tool, holder etc as the Mooz is not in the list of machines what machine is compatible. What .cps file? and any other help you can give me on using the CNC cutter.
Thanking you all in anticipation,


I did CNC cut in Fusion 360. Here is the only video I could find for reference:


Hi Zye
Thanks for your reply, I am following the video but it is not clear on what the specs of the cutter or the holder,


It really depends on what cutting bit you are using. You could create your own tools and I find the tools here are useful:

But when I try to use Fusion 360 to do a hole punch through, it does not work as expected. I tried engraving, it works fine.


Hi I am using the engraver bit that was supplied with the Mooz 2


Hi, look first into the basics of CAM and CNC, look on YouTube for any Fusion 360 CAM tutorial to understand tools, feeds, speed and operations. You will find out that you can use different kind of tools depending on the material that you are milling, type of operations and surface quality that you are aiming for. Also the power/torque and speed of the spindle will play a significant role - see