Mooz 2 and Ultimaker 4.10 over Macbook Pro M1


Hi guys, I’m getting back to work with my Mooz 2 after a long time away.

But I have some problems, since the last time I changed my computer to a MacBook Pro M1, so my processing software is Ultimaker Cuda 4.11 as it is compatible with the new ARM based system from Apple.

The sad thing is that none of the Mooz is yet (now I see that there is an upgrade version and another update of 2) it is still supported natively.

When trying to configure the Ultimaker according to what the Mooz 2 manual indicates (the last one downloaded from the web), the PrintHead settings does not accept me with what is in the manual.

Any help or guidance? and if you have any improvement in the G-Code or the settings I would appreciate it very much.

Greetings and have a good weekend


Hi, MOOZ 2 is an old product of DOBOT. They can not update the Mac system software so frequently. You can use the Windows system software, which has better compatibility.


Dear Ryan

thanks for your answer, but as I answered in other forums of 3D printers Mooz is not the problem of Mac OS or if the system is M1, it is an issue of Ultimaker and how the printer is supported.

The principle of use is the same and has not changed, only that the printing software (or slicing) such as Ultimaker have changed, but since Dobot they have not updated the set instructions for the new versions of Ultimaker. Or give options for working with other slicing softwares.

I upload the configuration screenshots where I request assistance in what is Printhead Settings to configure the X min, Y min, X max and Y max




And this is what the Mooz manual delivers in its latest version downloaded from its website.

Excuse me that I upload another post, but I do not let myself upload two images because I am new here.