Mooz 2 abruptly restarts while printing


I have a new Mooz 2 and been trying to get my first 3d print. I tried the files provided my mooz download (“Ready-to-use-3D-print-models-for-MOOZ-1-2”). First I tried printing the “M2_batman”, then “M2_Spiral_Vase1”. Everytime the printer stopped abruptly and restarted. On restarting It shown the printing is finished. First I tried using 32GB usb drive. Later I tried printing with a newly formatted (FAT 32) 32GB microSD card. In all cases the printer stops randomly somewhere midway.

I have attached the photos of the half printed “M2_Spiral_Vase1”


A an facing the similar situation as described in the attached youtube Video:


Try to replace the sdcard with a USB flash drive. If the problem cannot be solved, please send an email to mooz official email.


The SD card reason is c**p, the mainboard is overheating this is the reason to have heat transfer compound from mainboard to the main plate in the wifi variant.