Modules or main board doesn't work Mooz2


Hi!! I just got my Mooz-2 with the three modules, but they don’t work.

I followed the instructions step by step but it seems either the modules doesn’t work or the main board don’t recognize the modules. I already update the main board and the touch screen, but it didn’t solve the problem.

I hope you can help me.

Best regards.


Hi! Congrats - let’s see if we can get you up and running.

Can you clarify what you mean by “doesn’t work”?
Does the head move back and forth, up and down?
Is the plastic extruding?
Can you put a .gcode file on a memory card and list it on the touchscreen?
Do you know you need to put the memory card in “upside down” (gold contacts pointing up)?
Did you zero the print head?

Just throwing out ideas here - please provide a better description and maybe we can help.


Hi!, Thanks for you replay.

Here are the answers to the questions:
The head can move in any directions, actually I did zero the head.
The plastic isn’t extruding, because the head doesn’t heat up.
I didn’t put a gcode in the memory yet because I couldn’t insert the filament.
Yes, I know I need to put the memory upside down, I updated the main board trough the SD card.

Here are more info:
When I turn the printer on the screen shows that the bed temperature is at 19° which is good, but the head temperature says it is at 85°, then I press the button to heat the head up but nothing happen. (image attached)

I changed the head and I conected the laser and CNC head but the mainboard or the screen can’t recognized them, actually I can’t change the mood between 3D, CNC and Laser (video here)

I hope this helps to understand, if you need more info tell me. Thanks for helping me.

Best regards Isaac


Thanks - good info.

I’m sorry to keep asking basic questions, but have to rule them out:
If you press the “Printer” button (second from the right), and then press the “T” button, does it change the Tip to 85/200 or so?
Please confirm you plugged in the wire to the print head at the top (the cat5 or whatever cable it is).

Other than that - not sure. Anyone else have ideas?


It’s ok I’ll give all the info you need.
Yes, it changes the temperature and the print head is connected to the main board, here is a video.

Thank you for helping me.

Best regards Isaac.


Great - thanks for the video.

Let’s see - a couple of things:
If it’s heating to 85 degrees, that’s already pretty hot - if you (quickly!) touch the tip with your finger (on the bottom of the head), does it feel hot at all, or is it room temperature? PLEASE BE CAREFUL - don’t burn yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable touching it, just move your finger near the tip without touching.

Next question: It stays at 85 / 200 no matter how long you leave it, correct? If you give it 2 minutes, is it still at 85?

Have you tried putting a filament in but not ‘advancing’ it with the down arrow button? Maybe there is a safety that keeps the tip from heating up too much if there’s no filament coming through, but that’s just a wild guess.

At this point, I think we need someone from Mooz to show up, or maybe @aenertia can help.


If you are sure the head is in the right rs485 socket, then I would get a multimeter and check the voltages on the pins in the socket; and then again at the end of the cable when plugged in.

Potentially the cable is shorted, and/or the socket has dry joints.

Another issue where having gerbers and pcb layout files would be of help.


Hi, thank you for your help.

These are the answers:
The head is at room temperature, it isn’t hot at all.
I leaved it heating for 15 minutes but it still showing 85°, I didn’t try to put in the filament because the head isn’t heat enough and I didn’t want to damage the head.
I checked the cables with a tester that I have and they are good.

Maybe I have to ask for warranty.

I’ll be attentive for any questions you have.

Best regards Isaac.


Unfortunately, yeah, it looks like Mooz should step in and fix it for you. You’ve gone above and beyond trying to debug it - sounds like you just need a new unit. Bummer - so sorry you’re having all this trouble! That sucks! hang in there - hopefully you’ll have many years of fun ahead of you.