Missing dongle for Dobot M1 vision kit


Hi Daniel.Deng… i got the same problem here. Could you please email the version with no dongle needed. mluqhmanmustafa@yahoo.com


Hello Daniel, I have the same problem can you please send me software which dont require dongle as well. My email adress is 23peto10@gmail.com. Thank you.


hi daniel i have some problem, pls send the software without dongle too padlijayakarta@gmail.com


HI daniel,Pls send the software without dongle too,tossawat.k@poseidon-innovation.com


Hi Daniel,

Also having the same issue without a dongle. Missing dongle not allowing camera calibration to be performed. Please send the software to hoyuantuthomas@gmail.com.

And can you advise if the dongle can be brought?



Hello Daniel,
Could you also send me the software for the vision kit ?


Good day Daniel,
Can you please send me the software for the vision kit (Hikvision camera)
to ebuehiisaac@gmail.com ? If ‘yes’, please do send.
Thanks in anticipation.


Hello Daniel, can you send the software to my email sebastian.panozzo@didactech-bolivia.com
Thanks in anticipation


Hi Daniel,

could you send me the visiondemo.exe too?

Thank you so much!


Hi Daniel,

Can you help me too. I have the dongle but the software doesn’t work :frowning: I just get the text Dongle is not detected or abnormal


I also use the jhsm300f camera and can’t find the software.
My email : panbingwei9999@163.com


Hello, please download the software and documentation for Dobot Vision Kit V1 from the link below.



Can I get the software that does not use a dongle? Thank you


Can I also get the software? Pleas!