Missing dongle for Dobot M1 vision kit


Why is the software asking for a Dongle?!?!?!?! I am being ignored here when asking about it.


Because dobot has two versions of the visual suite, each with different software support.


I don’t know if this is a language barrier issue or something else, but I will try to be clear right now.

We purchased the dobot vision kit direct from dobot, when we go to the website to download the vision studio software when we open the software in chinese it says “We need the Dongle”

How can I use the dobot vision kit that we purchased from you? What other software do we need? Where can I download the software?


Please leave your email and I will send you the software.


My Email is john8675309@gmail.com


So are we not allowed to use dobot vision studio? We only get the SDK and that is it?



Same here, I’ve got the Missing Dongle error message on the 1.3.2 version.

I also miss the driver for the JHSM300F, could you please send it to me ?

PS : why is it so complicated to get pieces of software from Dobot ?? Why this 2.5k€ camera kit doesn’t come with its drivers ?? (Btw, did not come with screws either, but we didn’t want to waste too much time about this).

That would be very nice of you to share links to these drivers directly, not request e-mails… (Why not make these links only available for users that are logged in, if you don’t want to share them publicly ?)

Thanks anyways.



Still haven’t received the driver… Can’t do anything with my vision kit so far…