Missing dongle for Dobot M1 vision kit



I am trying to setup my vision kit for my Dobot M1 (I got both the M1 and the vision kit through backing the project on Kickstarter), but I don’t have the dongle I need to access the software. Do you know where I could obtain one?



Vision software not available/ No dongle

What version of your vision kit is there, can’t you run the software without a dongle?



I’m not sure what version of the vision kit I was sent (the camera I have is a JHSM300f if that helps)

When trying to launch the software I get the following error message.




Hello, please give me an email address. I will give you a software that does not use a dongle.




Hello, I have the same problem. Could you also send me the software? patrick.hubert@silab.de


Already sent to email, please check.


Hello, can you send me the same Software? I have the same Problem!


Already sent to email, please check.


Already sent to email, please check.


Same problem here, could you please send to me@1dk.org. Thank you.


Already sent to your email.



Could you send me that?



It is also asking me for the dongle can you send me the software link as well? john8675309@gmail.com


Hi, I also have got the same problem with DobotVisionStudio, could you send me the software without Dongle?
My email is: giovanni.dezio@accenture.com


Downgraded to Vision Studio 1.2.0 and we still get the error about the Dongle. What am I missing?


The dobot vision kit is available in two versions. One is to use the development version of the JH300 camera, no need for a dongle. One is the educational version of the Hikvision camera, which is easier to operate and does not require a dongle.


Since I already have the one with the JH300 how to I obtain a dongle?


Same problem here, could you please send to gaetano.rinaldi@accenture.com . Thank you.



We have a “Old vision kit” with JH300 Camera, Is it possible to use the new SW (VisionStudio 1.2.x or 1.3.x) with this one?