Microscan Hawk w/Dobot M1


Dear Dobot,

Could you please guide me as to how I could connect dobot m1 to vision system by microscan hawk smart cameras?


Hi Jehu,
I am working with a Microscan MV-40 actually and Magician.
What Microscan model you have?
Tell me more about your application.

Best regards,


Dear Dannis,

I’m using Microscan MV-40 as well. I would like to to be able to use the vision system to work with Dobot m1


Dear Dannis,

Furthermore. I’m currently testing the dobot m1 to perfom an operation of pick and place in a factory, and I need to be able to use the vision system by Microscan to read good and bad parts. So I need to incorporate it with MV-40. Your support is appreciated.