MG400 SDK runs slowly than DobotStudio2020


I used MG400 with C# SDK, also python.
but I can’t move from point to point at the speed I want.
end-tip is stay long time(over 200ms). If you used dobotStudio2020, arm is move fast.
I want to touch some point. fast. [ Touch points change over time. ]

I was set SetRapidRate(100) and movJ( somePoint, isblock = true) .
I have ‘isblock’ set to true. because i need to touch a point exactly.

What i can do anything for speed?


Hi Suno, this is a communication delay, and we will optimize it in the subsequent update of controller version


Is this fixed in I’m about to update this but currently unable to download an updated SDK/Studio (MG400 SDK and Studio downloads?), so not sure whether I should!