MG400 SDK JointMovJ


Has anyone been able to get the JointMovJ functionality to work via the SDK?
I can see it works fine on the Lua scripting from DobotStudio2020.
Neither the Python nor the C# code examples provided with the SDK use the JointMovJ functionality. They only use the cartesian MovJ which works fine.
The SDK does provide the details of how to use JointMovJ in the api documentation but when I try to implement it it always returns with error 2 which is apparently invalid parameters. The values I pass are the same used in the Lua script and are simply [0,0,0,0].
Also all the examples assume a 6 axis robot which the MG400 is not, but even if I change the parameter to 4 axis it stil returns with invalid parameter warning.
If anyone has an example of this working via the SDK, could they please provide it?
Many thanks


Could you pls send some screenshot to us, so that we can help you find out the issues.
If you want a quickly reply, pls send an email to our support team: , thanks!