MG400 Dobot API @ Python 3.8, Qt 5 Version



I am trying to control DOBOT MG400 with DOBOT API @ Ubuntu 20.04 , python 3.8 , Qt 5 Version.
The issue I’m facing now is Dobot does not operate in some cases while there is not issue at all at Windows OS.
The way our program designed is described below.
Firstly, we create Dobot Class, and connect Dobot to the class.
Then, import the Dobot class in other Class to control it with other modules(since we have other devices to be controlled as well).
However, Dobot only operates(connection, movements) in the Dobot class. Not in other classes.
This is very strange since this issue only occurs on Ubuntu(not Window OS).
We would like to operate the Dobot in our main loop(main class) on Ubuntu OS.

Hope this issue can be resolved asap!


Hello, Hwayeon
Our developer is confirming the problem. I will reply you if there is any progress