MG400 Connection Issue


I’ve just received the MG400.

I’ve connected the ethernet to LAN1 and to my PC. I’ve changed the PC network IP to I can ping from the PC successfully, however the DobotStudio2020 v1.3.0 can’t find the robot arm.

Selecting “manually add” only allows me to select M1, and it doesn’t connect either, failing with no device found.

I’ve also tried the DobotSC software and chosen the option for the controller but it too fails to connect.

Please help me to resolve this connection issue.



I found the issue. I needed to also set the default gateway to This wasn’t included in the instructions. I suspect Windows was using the typical default of


Hi, I was able to connect to the MG400 without setting default gateway to However, the connection will constantly drop every few minutes and I have to reconnect it. This make it very hard when try to program it. Anyone have any suggestion?


Hi I just received mine and had a bit of a game connecting it but I think you’ve got the PC network IP address wrong it’s



I’ve connected the Dobot to my PC. I can also ping the Dobot ( successfully, however DobotStudio2020 v1.3.0 can´t find it. I also unsuccessful tested DobotStudio2020 v1.2.0 and DobotSCStudio. That’s wrong with my conncetion setup?

Set the default gateway to did not help.

PC IP address =
subnetmask =
use LAN1 Dobot -->

Anyone have any suggestion?


The PC IP address doesn’t matter as long as it’s in the same range. My address for instance is
Also make sure the address is definitely static and you’re not being assigned an IP from your DHCP.
Hopefully your local network isn’t also on the same IP range.
I’d start by also disabling any other network device too, e.g. WiFi. So the ethernet connection is the only connection in use.
I realise you’ve said you can ping the .6 IP but I’d recommend turning off your firewall for any internal ranges to remove the possibility that the port you’re targeting isn’t blocked. Ping doesn’t use the same protocol so it could succeed where the TCP connection fails.


hey all, for this issue, you can try the way as below:
Before your pc communication with MG400, Pls follow step by step as bellows:
(1) Turn off VPN proxy service,
(2) Turn off firewall/antivirus software,
(3) Open [Turn Windows feature on or off] - [SMB1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support], Open SMB service,
(4) Install DobotStudio2020 / SCStudio
(5) Open [Windows Defender Firewall ] - [Allowed apps and features], Add SCStudio to the application trust list
(6) Set computer Ipaddresse to any one from to & from to, please do not reuse.
(7) Ping to confirm whether the communication is normal.
(8) Access project path of : \ ,see if you can access and open it.

If you still can not solve this issue, pls send an email to the support team: thanks!