MG400 Cartesian move error


I just received my MG400 couple day ago and was excited to get it setup. Anyhow, discover that the robot had a kinematics error when jogging in cartesian with Dobot Studio. When Jog in only X direction, robot motion actually also move up and down in Z direction. The farther X jog out, the lower Z go. How to fix this error? Please advise.
Serial number: DT18-2112-0519, production date: 2021.03, barecode: 6970632060045. Thanks!


I got the issue resolved after thinker with it for a few hours. The MG400 I got wasn’t calibrate from factory for some reason. It did came with a calibration tool but no instruction on how to use it. After guessing how the robot Zero position should be (joint 2 & 3 are 90 degree to each other) and recalibrate again, now the robot motion back to normal. Thanks for those who read this and hope this can be a reference to someone running into the same issue.