MG400 and LabView


i am using LabView2019 (x64) and trying to communicate with the MG400. The official demo is not running properly. The “SetControlMode” function in the dobot.dll is ignored, I cannot set the MG400 to the “enable” status. The other functions are running. If I switch on the MG400 via the DobotStudio, I can also execute “move” commands with LabView.
Can someone help me here?
I also miss the circle and arc function in “dobot.dll”.


Hi Ralle, sorry to tell you that we will no longer provide any support for the SDK as secondary development tools. Instead of SDK, now we are providing a new way to do it, which is to use with TCP/IP. You can check this link for more details:


Thank you for your prompt reply. In order to be able to use the new way with TCP/IP, I need the latest firmware for our MG400. Version is currently installed.
Thanks very much.


Hi Ralle, I just create a new topic on this question and you can find the download link in this one: MG400 Controller Firmware Update


HI Ralle

Have you found a solution to this yet ???
Sitting with the same problem right now…



Hello tjay78,

With the latest firmware ( a lot more works via the TCP/IP protocol, but unfortunately still not all commands as described in the instructions. I hope dobot will continue to improve here …
Currently I can activate the MG-400, drive to a certain position and start a script written via the DobotSCStudio. I can handle that for now. What still doesn’t really work is the real-time output of the current position and status. Nobody can explain the circular function to me either.


Example of a sub-program to activate the MG400:


HI Ralle

I wanted it in “Idle” mode, so I figured it out by doing this…
And there are two ways to do this, to show Live View…

And yes there is a lack of information, hope they get updated soon
I also miss the function jump but it will probably come soon
TCP / IP protocol is very slow to update 2-3sec.
http protocol is very fast real time update


Hi tjay78,
thank you for your example! With the status reports via the “http-protocol”, I can get on with it.
You make my day! :grinning: