MG 400 GetPose with collision detection


Hi there,

I’m trying to get the stock level of a pile thru the collision detection and GetPose().
This way, I will get the height of the pile and be able to configure the Pallet matrix.

What would be the error that the collision will create?
How can my code detect a collision and react accordingly?

Thanks, Gabriel.


This is a good question. If you want you robot running the way you just describe you need a proximity sensor to detect the high of the pallet instead of using the collision detection because when you trigger the collision detection you have to manually clear the collision warning. Because collision detection is a safety feature, you have to clear the alarm manually. With that mean there will be a human involve every time you trigger the collision detection.


If there is a sensor on the robot manipulator, the search movement will be programmed. How to stop this movement when the sensor is triggered?