Magician. Invalid home function, red Light, cracking sound


Hello fellow members, a few days back, I was activating home run from Dobot Studio in Playback mode, and the arm tried pull back itself into such a position where it was just giving cracking sounds (further back then the root). I turned it of as soon as I could.

After that I tried Studio / settings / calibration, same result (arm going back so much that it just gives cracking sound). Then i lengthened the arm manually as much it was still green the light, tried it again, same result.

After these episodes, the LED was constant red. I pressed the reset button, it turned green, but then, as soon as I set the arm into ANY new position manually (by pressing the button on the arm) the LED turns yellow.

Later i tried Repetier Host, and weirdly, the manual operation functions are just not working, when i try to move the Z axis, the arm moves on the Y.

Do I need to send back this unit, or can we solve this via remote help