M503 support / github updated with latest revision


Can we get a firmware released with M503 enabled. Why is it disabled?

Can you guys please update the github repo with the latest code? The version on github lists the version string as 1.0.2 and does not say mooz.

What are the current default max accelerations and jerks in the code?


FYI I got to the bottom of the issue that made me make this post in the first place. The filament feed rate calculations are off by 20% on the latest firmware.

G1 E50 F180 results in 4cm of filament being extruded.


So what you guys just don’t care that your firmware has massive bugs in it? What a joke Dobot is!

Are you guys incapable or unwilling to fix the firmware?


I have noticed that the company doesn’t really follow forum. Try to contact them personaly- worked pretty well for me usually.