M1 won't connect to M1Studio


Hi there. My M1Studio cannot connect to my M1. I have the latest version of the program. I think my only option is to connect them through the serial port, as I cannot change the IP of the M1 because the program cannot detect the M1. Also, that complicates things as my PC only runs on ethernet. However, even through the serial port, the program cannot detect it. This means I also do not have the serial number, but I believe that it is earlier than DT211811xxx based on the inputs on the back of my machine. I’m at a loss as to what to try next. Thanks for any help.


You should setup the serial cable interface and have a Serial to USB converter connected to it at all times. This is essential as the dobot is going through many changes and firmware currently defaults the Dobots IP address to DHCP when upgrading so you will lose communications often through IP. Serial is stable in order to get a connection to re-establish the IP using the “Set IP Address” option in the M1Studio.