Lua Script to control Dobot MG400


Hello Sir,
Is it possible to control the Dobot MG400 using only the Lua script without the help of dobotstudio2020.
Like sending the Lua script using an Lua Complier in Win-10.

If possibel could you help us, how can we do it.

Thank You.


This requires the use of secondary development functions, using our TCP/IP protocol to communicate with the robot.


Can you help me, how to set the communication with the dobot MG400 using the TCP/IP protocol.


You can check out our script instruction manual, which can be downloaded from our website
MG400 will automatically create the server of port 29999 and 30003 when starting up. You can use TCP instructions in the manual to create the client, and then connect to port 29999 or port 30003 to send strings to the robot for control