Light curtain - install


Is it possible to install a light curtain, tapping into the emergency stop socket?


Theoretically, light screen sensors can be connected in series to the emergency stop switch.

But it is necessary to do a good job of isolation, for example, the emergency stop button is connected in series with the normally closed contact of two groups of relays, so that the light curtain can control the relay

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If you need to constantly enter the robot zone, then it is better to connect the light barrier at DI13 (Pausa).

There are also special relays of light barriers in which the mute function is implemented. Work on the program being in a safe area for a person gives a “mute” signal on the relay. When the “mute” signal is present on the relay, the light barrier can be crossed. When the robot enters the danger zone, it removes the “mute” signal and when crossing the light barrier, the robot stops.

For example, this is the configuration of the cell


[Type 4 safety interface with integrated Muting function]