License for python API


It seems that so far none of the dobot repositories have a license that clarifies how the code can be used, modified or redistributed.

It would be nice if you could add a license to each package.

For example, we have developed an instrument driver for our test&measurement software SweepMe! and we would like to redistribute our driver to all our users including the file which we also modified a bit to add further features.

We ship our drivers with MIT license whenever possible and I could imagine that MIT license would be also a good license for the dobot packages.


Received, feedback has been given to relevant departments, they will add MIT license in a week


Ok, we have now added the MIT license


Thanks for updating the license. Did you also update the first copyright line of the file? It looks like you took the MIT-LICENSE.txt file from another repository but you did not change the first line of the file.

I would expect something like "Copyright © 2022 your-company-name".


Thanks for your reminding, we have changed


Thanks for adding the license. We have now uploaded our SweepMe! instrument driver:

It can be used to quickly combine the MG400 with other measurement equipment.


I would kindly ask if it’s possible adding this license to the android module “magicianbluetoothkits” too? And if so, is there a public git to access the code?
I also on the way fixing the issues with the new API >10 BLE scan api which is actually not working on that API levels. So if you like, i can give you my changes later.