LED is off when Magician turned on


There is no LED indication when Magician is turned on. The PC will not communicate with Magician. PC makes sound when USB connected.

Tried to connect game controller. Only the green LED lights when module plugged in. The Magician does not make any sounds.

The motors will hold the arm in position when turned on


what is the solution for this
I am also got stuck with this


Hi ashik´╝î
Try updating the firmware to see if the issue is resolved.


yeah, done it after burning the firmware manually (using the MCuisp in the dobot program file)

Thank you


Hi there,
I have no LED issues too and also I cannot open MCuisp.exe file to burn the firmware manually (I clicked the .exe file but nothing happen)
This is the notification when I try to connect dobot magician with dobotstudio v1.9.4error

I am using Window 10 64 bit


This is happening to me as well. How do I update the firmware if it is greyed out and not an option?