Leap motion setup


how to use leap motion device, any instruction or direction of use
I need to see the ability of dobot under leap motion
also any one able to use mind control
any instruction useful


Check the tutorial here, chapter 6 for leap motion:

And the EEG control, I can’t find the manual now, I’ll upload it to the website later.


Check this manual for mind control:


Where do i find this Tutorial ?


First we download the user-guide on the dobot website.https://www.dobot.cc/downloadcenter.html?sub_cat=73#sub-download

In the catalogue, we can see the introduction of Controlling with your Hand Gesture in Section 5.7.

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I have already downloaded the manual but it’s not much help.

I have Leap motion and all installed but I still do not see the leap motion icon on the the DobotStudio.

I am on a mac.


Go to Leap’s official website to download the Leap Motion SDK.
After downloading and installing Leap Motion’s control panel, insert your Leap Motion, Leap Motion’s panel will have three red lights on, and then the status bar in the lower right corner of the computer will prompt you Leap Motion Controller is on, then you can use it.