LCD touch pad SD card extraction problem


I insert MicroSD card in LCD touch pad, but I can not extract it.
After insert SD card is too deep and interference with cover.


Wait - you inserted it into the LCD, not the back of the printer base?

I don’t even think there’s a slot for the SD card in the LCD touch pad. Where did you put it? Can you share a picture?

If you’re talking about the back of the printer, I think it might be possible to put it in at an angle, and ‘miss’ the slot it’s supposed to go into. What’s supposed to happen is that if you press it in, it will pop back out and you can pull it free. If you miss the slot, though, you will have to turn the printer over and see if you can find a way to carefully get it out.


Don’t worry, you can get the card out with a pin. Just make sure the printer is switched off, use the pin to push the card in a little further against the spring, then pull it up slightly so that it clears the plastic casing. Mine’s the same - it’s not possible to put the card in or take it out by hand.