Laser typing in Blockly or in Teaching&Playback / Rotate suction cup servo


Hi there!
I have 2 question for this day :smiley:

Fist one:
Would i be able to laser engrave in blockly or teachnig&playback mode?I want to get the robot to start typing with the laser on a wooden object as result of an external signal (arduino).
I thought I create and save the laser theme and after that put into those modes but couldn’t find the solution.

Second one:
How can i rotate the suction cap with the servo on the top? Is there any option in the block or teachnig&playback mode?

And to the end:
I found a bug in the DobotStudio 1.7.1. When i’m in the blockly mode, and i want to exit from the programming mode with hit the exit button the program has do nothing. I can only exit from the blockly programming with closing the DobotStudio and re-start it…

Can u help with these problems? :smiley:

Best regards,
Beda Balint


First, the laser can’t be turned on in teaching, blockly can turn on the laser but can’t laser engrave the pattern. Second, you need to select the suction cup at the top, then the electric r-axis or the j4 axis. Third, the bug I have not encountered, the bug will appear on your computer every time?



Hi Daniel!
Thank you, for your reply!
Is there any other way to trigger the robot laser to write to an external signal?

I’ll try the method described as soon as I get in front of a robot, thank you.

Yes, the error always occurs when I want to exit from the blockly programming.

Best regards,
Beda Balint


You can write something yourself, including the laser-engraved trajectory, in conjunction with the API provided by the official website.