Laser Malfunctioning


Hello there,
it seems that i cannot engrave anything with my Mooz 13x13,
the laser is on but no engraving is happening during the process…
Is there a way to test if my laser is ok?


Please make sure that the laser engraving file you loaded is not a problem. You can use the sample file to check if the laser is faulty.


Hi Treedi -

Could you clarify what you mean by no engraving is happening?

Some ideas -
You need to zero the height of the laser before printing
You set your engrave speed too high
Your material is not easy to engrave

I wrote up a very extensive tutorial on engraving here:

It’s quite a bit more detailed, but give it a look - if you plan to do a lot of engraving, it might be worth moving past the default tools that Dobot provides.