Laser Engraver features


Hi guys,
I just bought the mooz 2 dobot,
and my idea is to create commercial products,
thats why the balance between the speed and quality
is from highest of issues in the process…

In the tutorials, engraving speed is set up on 300 and travel speed is 600.
I did a print with these settings and the result is good but slow.
This time i increased the engraving speed to 350 and travel speed to 700,
and also i increased the speed through the touchpad to 125%.
i will send you the results.

Does anybody else know anything about the limits of Mooz 2 laser
so i could play freely with parameters in order to find proper balance
between speed and quality.

PS I also increased the “Laser Strength” or whatever, edited through
touch pad and it goes in series 5-10-15… now my laser power is 10 but
tutorial says 5. So if any information on that topic too would be helpful.


“Laser Strength” is referring to LASER beam intensity, the default LASER has 0.5W power. To get the “best speeds” you will need to test each speed and power and material used. Basically the longer the beam stays on top on the material at a given point the deeper the burn mark will be, moving at high speed will create a shallower burn comparing with a lower speed for the same LASER power used. You can also use the approach o having constant speed and you change the laser power (this one is the easiest to be implemented in a simple test).