Joint3 angle depends on joint2 angle?


I would expect that joint angles are independent of each other but there happens something strange.,. What I tried: while trying to keep joint3 angle the same (circa 90°, see photos), the joint2 angle was set into two different positions. Interestingly, joint3 angle changed a lot and it has not expected value in either case. Is this a feature, bug, or problem with particular robot? Or am I just missing something?

j1 -5.2676472663879395
j2 53.255393981933594
j3 57.00395202636719

Second Image (on Google Photos as new users cannot post two images)

j1 -6.69705867767334
j2 -8.465985298156738
j3 0.3971834182739258

The joint angle were read out using GetPose command (ID 10).



Under normal circumstances, the joints are independent of each other. Changing one joint value will not affect the changes of other joint values, but will change the Cartesian coordinate values. It is recommended that you update the firmware before trying.