Joint 4 not working in Dobot Studio



We have a new Dobot Magician, but Joint 4 does not respond in dobot studio.
When we turn on the arm, it spins for 5-10 seconds, and we have to quickly move the arm out of the way so it doesn’t collide with anything. After that it doesn’t respond at all.

It is plugged into GP3/Port 1 (lowest on the arm, near the button).

What should I try?



I can’t get the “Set R” statement in DobotStudio Blockly to do anything unless I put a time delay after it. it seems to take some time for the signals to get to that axis. I’ve had trouble getting the gripper to open and close as well … a little 3-in-1 oil fixed that.

Hope this helps.


It looks like that doesn’t help me at all, the axis just doesn’t respond other than going crazy when we turn it on.

Thanks for the suggestion though, hopefully someone else has some ideas


In case anyone has this issue in the future, my issue turned out to be a faulty servo. A new servo works as expected.


I’m writing here because i’m having the same issue, can you tell me the model of the servo motor, please?