iTunes error occurred


Two days ago(Wednesday), when I was working on my computer and suddenly an unknown error occurred 0xe8000015 and I don’t understand why this occurred. I tried to resolve it but after so many tries, it didn’t work. I search on the internet for the solution but most of them are not working information.


Try to uninstall and reinstall iTunes. If it still not working, contact Apple’s technical staff in the community.
I have encountered a similar question like yours but it disappears when I reinstall my computer system. Now I don’t use iTunes to listen to Apple Music anymore. It is better to download Apple Music songs as local music files via my audfree Apple Music converter. There always some bugs that occur in iTunes. The best way to avoid them is not using the iTunes app.


Here are some solutions.

  1. Update iTunes.
  2. Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer.
  3. Update computer and iPhone.
  4. Restart computer.
  5. Check your computer’s security software.
  6. Reset the Lockdown folder on computer.
  7. Use Joyoshare UltFix without data loss.


Try to uninstall and install the iTunes app on your computer and then relaunch it to see whether it can work. By the way, if you have issue on iTunes music, then you can use the DRmare iTunes Converter for Mac to help you.


Hi, you can try the following ways:
1.Update your iTunes;
2.Delete and reinstall the iTunes;
3.The last resort: use ios system recovery tool like TunesKit to fix iTunes error with no data loss.